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Each camper lives in a cabin with 8-12 other campers and 2-4 counselors. We require that campers are supervised by staff at all times (even during informal and free time activities).

Campers live in cabins, each equipped with electricity, hot water, two or three showers, two or three sinks, two or three toilets, and storage space. Each of our camper cabins is supervised by 3-5 caring and loving staff members. Daily cabin clean-up competitions (“Nikayon”) encourage each camper to care for his/her own belongings and to cooperate with the group. Our housekeeping staff sanitizes each camper bathroom on a regular basis.

Below you can see pictures of what bunk life is like at CYJ, you can also see a sample schedule that each bunk follows. Please refer to our programs and activities page for a more detailed activities list.