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img_8324CYJ Midwest is your child’s home away from home. At CYJ Midwest, your child will gain valuable life skills. We create unique experiences for each child while teaching them the lessons of living as part of a community. Each camper will come back more self-confident with a stronger Jewish identity and more knowledge about Israel. Most importantly of all, they will have a great time!

For CYJ Midwest to be a place where our campers are provided tools to make choices about their connection to Israel and Judaism, we must be intentional about our Judaic and Israel-related programming. If campers, staff, and parents can look back on the summer and recognize the quality of this kind of programming, we will have moved towards the realization of this vision. The core of our educational philosophy is that programs should be experiences that cannot take place anywhere else. They should be active, interactive, valuable and especially fun!


 Our programs should give our campers a sense of connection to their history, to the Jewish State and to Judaism that makes them proud of their Jewish Identity. They should inspire curiosity that carries over into the school year.