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What CYJ Midwest parents and campers are saying:

“My son has been an unsuccessful camper at another camp. He LOVED CYJ and was relaxed and happy there. This made me very happy, and I was completely satisfied that the camp was responsive to his needs and acknowledged and addressed my concerns. What a great summer!”

“Community is CYJ’s major strength. Our children have been returning to second session for years because of the closeness and diversity of the campers and staff.”

“As a parent, I was most satisfied with the caliber of the counselors and the way they treated my child.”

“CYJ is creating a compassionate, caring, safe Jewish environment for children to explore their independence and have a fun summer.”

“I would say that Camp Young Judaea’s major strength is creating a place that you can really feel like you truly belong and won’t be judged. In the cabin, I made friends who I could literally talk to about anything, and they wouldn’t judge me. CYJ is a place that I am happy…Overall, CYJ is a safe haven where you can be yourself.”

“The sense of community, Zionism, and connection to Judaism. She comes home each summer singing prayers at [the] Shabbat table and jumping around and singing like crazy, even sharing all of the hand movements to benching (after meal prayer). This enthusiasm is astounding to see…When she comes home, she is flying high on camp ruach. It is a gift for a kid who does not go to Jewish day school and only gets this umph at camp.”

“CYJ creates a wonderful, cohesive community that bridges age groups and [a] variety of Jewish identities.”

“CYJ has many strengths but the one that stands out the most to me is the feeling that it is a big family. My kids campers of every age group and make friends in every age group. There is no tolerance for mean behavior, teasing or bullying.”