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Every effort is made to ensure the health and safety of each camper. All of our activity areas are staffed by trained and certified professionals using the most up to date safety equipment.

We are fortunate to have modern diagnostic tools in our health center(Mirpa’ah), such as community physician-directed protocols, which often let us evaluate and treat the campers for minor ailments without having to leave camp. For emergencies or illnesses which call for additional medical attention, the camper will be taken to the local doctor or Emergency Room.

The health center is designed to provide care for campers who require isolation, a respite from camp routine or for those that need more frequent observation that can reasonably be provided by the cabin staff.

Food allergies can be life-threatening. Specifically, in a camp setting, there is a risk of accidental exposure to a food allergen. Our counselors, medical staff, parents, and campers must work together to minimize this risk.

At CYJ Midwest we make sure we are:

  • Informed of the availability of emergency care
  • Review the health records submitted for every camper and go over necessary information with campers counselor
  • Have established prevention protocols for camp
    • Campers with food allergies are safely included in all activities
    • All food service and kitchen personnel are aware of and can identify the children with food allergies.
    • Discuss meal plans with parents/campers and alternative plans if necessary
    • All staff members who will be in contact with the camper know of the allergy. Staff member(s) can recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction, and know what action to take if the reaction occurs
    • All appropriate personnel are familiar with the use of epinephrine, where medication is located, and the protocol
    • All staff training session before camp begins, on medical procedures and how to react properly
  • If there are planned field trips or out of camp activities
    • Any emergency medication and authorization accompany the camper and counselors
    • Understand how to contact emergency assistance and where the closest hospital is