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Is your Bar/Bat Mitzvah coming up and would like to help your community in preparation for becoming an adult? Consider a Mitzvah Project to support CYJ Midwest and help create an atmosphere for all future campers to have the best summer ever!

A mitzvah project is a way to make your Bar/Bat Mitzvah special, and for you to put a stamp on your community. You’ll choose one mitzvah, become an expert in it, and then present it to the CYJ community. It’s one of the most meaningful things you can do in honor of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

There are many ways to contribute to CYJ Midwest for your Mitzvah Project:

  • Raise Money: Ask family and friends to donate to CYJ’s scholarship fund to help bring more families to camp
  • Have a sale (ie: bake sale, garage sale, lemonade stand, etc.) and donate the proceeds to CYJ
  • Participate in a sporting event under the CYJ Midwest banner and solicit family and friends to sponsor your participation through donations
  • Build something to help camp look great (ie: a bench or a sign)

Contact CYJ and we will help you with what needs to be done for you to complete your Mitzvah project. Make sure you know exactly how to do the mitzvah correctly, by asking your friends, family, and rabbi. Once you’ve got it down pat, learn about what it means, and why it plays an important part in Judaism.

Think about how you would like to express the meaning and inspiration for your project. What you do for your project is up to you, and should correlate to your own interests and talents.