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Occasionally, campers become ill or injured at camp. When health care needs occur, our professionally staffed Health Center can meet most needs of our campers and staff. Emergency and hospital facilities are available in Waupaca.

Everyday Medication
Wisconsin State Law prohibits campers from keeping any medications and prescriptions (including over the counter items such as vitamins, analgesics or anti-histamines) in the bunk area. The health center holds all medication, except for inhalers and Epi-Pens. Please do not send over the counter medications that your child does not take daily to camp as we will provide them to campers on an as-needed basis.

Inhalers and EpiPens are allowed in the bunks and should be kept by campers who need these medications; however, any inhaler or EpiPen brought to camp should be indicated and explained on the medical forms so that the medical staff is aware that the campers are in possession of their inhalers inside the bunk.

Medical Fees
Charges for physician’s services, emergency room fees, and all medications will be billed directly to the camper’s parents or their health insurance carrier for any accidents, injuries or illnesses that may occur. CYJ also does not cover any expenses incurred as a result of pre-existing conditions.

ADD/ADHD Medications
If your child has ADD/ADHD, it is important to discuss with your physician about the administration of medications during the summer. While school is out, the unique environment of camp is still a learning experience. Camp emphasizes experiential learning and builds social skills. For the sake of this growth and safety reasons, campers still need adequate psychological skills such as attention and vigilance. Please discuss your child’s summer plans with his/her physician. All children receiving medication are supervised by the camp nurse. We welcome discussions about individual situations to make reasonable accommodations for your child.

Camper’s Pharmacy
CYJ and Camper’s Pharmacy are working together with families to have medicine pre-packaged to make dosing efficient and error-free.