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Hassadah Greater Detrioit

Kochavim (Stars) $18,000
Barry and Ellen Finestone

Mindy Nagorsky and Ronen Israel

Gila and Randy Robinson

Barbara and Lou Werner
Miffie and Sy Nagorsky

Linda and Leon Ravvin

Amy and David Hamermesh
Chalutzim (Pioneers) $12,000
The Zarnow Family
Bonim (Builders) $7,200
Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund

Judith and Michael Berman

Brian and Shena Jaffee
Bogrim (Alumni) $5,400
Judith and Robert Baumann

Dr Stanley R Saxe and Judith Saxe

Solelim (Trailblazers) $3,600
Barbara Baumann and Howard Aizenstein

Jon and Monique Lowe

Brian and Marsha Nagorsky

Dina Lunken

Arazim (Cedars) $1,800
Robin and Michael Anderson

Anat Geva and Josh Strauss

Karen Polasky Goodman and Richard Goodman

Daniel and Frances Hamermesh

Marcia Horan and Rich Block

The Senser Foundation

Larry and Nancy St. Cyr

Karen Rumpf Leitner and Noah Rumpf

Janet, Doron, Yoni, Aaron and Elan Krakow

Carole Wilson

Erin and David Lowenthal

Charles and Becky Deutch

Gil Strobel and Janine Goodman

Becky and Josh Goldstein

David Harris

Gary and Meryl Levenstein

Eve and Richard Primus

Hillah Hadassah

Doug and Ashley St. Cyr

Cheryl and Eric Hanson

Martin and Hadassah Strobel

Danny and Juliet Glaser

The Wekstein Siblings (Lauren, Karen, Debra, and Jeffrey) in loving memory of their Mom, Merle W. Wekstein ז״ל 


Tzofim (Scouts) $1,000
Frankel Family Foundation

Heather Ravvin McKee and Kirt McKee

Abby Sivan

Elizabeth Lacher

Stephen Soboroff

Emily and Jeffrey Pitt

Nicola and Nate Mellman

Miriam Greenblatt Weidberg and Neil Weidberg

Julie Ruskin Ohana and Ofer Ohana

Karen and Don Morris

Daniel and Julie Vogel

The Fisher Family