Parent Camper Manual

Table of Contents

Welcome from the Director
Dear CYJ Midwest Family,

With the summer just around the corner, we are excited to welcome you to the CYJ Midwest family. Our updated Parent/Camper Manual should help the entire family prepare for camp this summer. Whether you are a new camp family or a seasoned camper, please read the manual carefully as we have changed some items. This guide will help you and your family get the most out of the CYJ experience. We look forward to sharing stories with you throughout the summer!



Robin Anderson, Director

Kids waving Flags

To Do

  • Read this entire manual as it will answer many of your questions about camp.
  • Fill out all the forms available in our online system by May 8, 2020.
  • Pay any outstanding fees & tuition by May 1, 2020.
  • Make a doctor’s appointment for your camper(s).
  • If your child takes medication, including over the counter medications or vitamins, please register with J Drugs at least 30 days before the start of the session.
  • Send your camper a letter one week before arrival. This way the letter will be waiting for them on the first day of camp!

All forms need to be filled out by May 8, 2020

The Experience of a Lifetime
CYJ Midwest is your child’s home away from home. At CYJ Midwest, your child will gain valuable life skills. We tailor our attention to each camper’s individual needs while teaching them the lessons of living as part of a community. Each camper will come back with more self-confidence, a stronger Jewish identity, and more knowledge about Israel. Most of all, they will have a great time!

For CYJ Midwest to be a place where our campers gain the tools to make choices about their connection to Israel and Judaism we must be intentional about our Judaic and Israel-related programming. If campers, staff, and parents can look back on the summer and recognize the quality of this kind of programming, we will have moved towards the realization of this vision.

The core of our educational philosophy is that programs should be experiences that cannot take place anywhere else. They should be active, engaging, valuable and especially fun! Our programs should give our campers a sense of connection to their history, to the Jewish State and to Judaism that makes them proud of their Jewish identity. They should inspire a curiosity that carries over into the school year.

We look forward to sharing our program with you as we implement it during the summer. Should you have any questions about how we implement educational programming at camp, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Flags hanging on a string

Important Dates
Session 1
Session 1 Sunday, June 21 - Wednesday, July 15
Noar Aleph Wednesday, July 1 - Wednesday, July 15
Taste of CYJ Sunday, June 21 - Sunday, June 28

Session 2
Session 2 Sunday, July 19 - Wednesday, August 12
Noar Bet Sunday, July 19 - Wednesday, July 29

How to Reach Your Camper
During the summer, the Camp’s office hours in Waupaca are:

Sunday -Thursday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm Central Time

Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Central Time

Saturday: Closed in observance of Shabbat

Parents may call Camp during office hours at 715.258.2288 during the session to inquire about their campers, but campers and counselors cannot use the phone or receive calls. An answering machine is on each night after office hours and through Shabbat. In the event of an emergency during non-business hours, please call 715.412.0131.

We try our best to make sure that campers write letters at least twice a week to family, but campers may send letters to whomever they wish. Packing pre-addressed, stamped envelopes or postcards is a great way to encourage your camper to write home. It is very important for parents to write to their children-they do look forward to hearing from you. Please make your letters supportive and positive and to send one a few days before camp starts. Note: campers do not receive mail or emails on Saturday in observance of Shabbat. They will receive Saturday’s mail on Sunday and will be able to respond at that time.

All mail should be addressed to:

Camper’s Full Name

Cabin Number (if known)

CYJ Midwest

E989 Stratton Lake Rd

Waupaca, WI 54981


Beginning Summer 2020, Camp Young Judaea Midwest will implement a no package policy.  We will continue to accept letters and flat envelopes up to and including 9 x 12 size. Other Jewish overnight camps that have instituted no-package policies report that this change lifted the burden from parents, campers, and camp staff, and has had a positive overall impact on the camp community.

Receiving mail at camp is one of the highlights of a camper’s day. However, over the past several years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of packages arriving each day.

Many families chose to send their child to CYJ because of the deep sense of community found here. We believe that camp is a place where each camper feels they are valued and treated equally.

We have found that the subject of packages, including who receives them and what is inside, has become an unnecessary source of stress and competition among our campers. While some of our campers receive many packages, some receive none at all. The reasons vary, but it still creates a sense of “haves and have-nots”. We have also found that while packages are sent with the best of intentions, the items are often quickly discarded, forgotten, and become another source of clutter and trash.

What can you send?  We encourage you to continue to use creative ways of interacting with your camper through letters, which can include word puzzles, pictures, magazines, or a comic clip from the newspaper. We will also continue to offer e-letters through CampMinder. Your letter or postcard is more than enough to encourage, uplift, and connect your child to home while leaving them free to “get away from it all,” — including from toys, gifts, and other “stuff.”

Birthdays at camp are special!  Don’t worry – campers who are celebrating a birthday during their session may receive ONE birthday package. (Please do not send food or expensive gifts).  Please mark your package “Birthday, June 10) for example, so that we know when it should be delivered. Our counselors and staff are committed to making a camp birthday celebration special and unique!

Please don’t worry if your camper forgets something at home. We will allow packages with forgotten items to be sent to the Community Care Director in care of your child.  Forgotten items are necessities like shoes, glasses, pillows, etc.  They are NOT magazines, stickers, notepads, etc.  We will have a stock of frequently needed items and provide them at no charge for campers who run out or lose something.   If your package contains medication or something health-related, please address it to the Camp Nurse instead of the Community Care Director.

Please share this policy with your camper and with family and friends. Any packages that arrive at camp will be returned to the sender unless following the above steps.

We hope you agree that this is a positive change, and we are grateful for your cooperation. Thank you in advance for doing your part to ensure that CYJ can continue to promote and support our values and principles.

Staying Connected
Do you want to get a glimpse into your child’s experience at camp? Through our CampInTouch system, you can find out the day’s happenings. Just go to our website and click on Login at the top of the homepage.

With CampInTouch, you will find links for viewing photos, and sending emails through our online system.

How do I view pictures?

Simply sign in and click on the Photos button.
Photos are kept in folders by session and date found at the top of the page. You can even purchase printed or downloaded digital pictures! There is no cost to preview photos; however in order to download or print the photo at a high quality, you must pay a fee.

How do I send an e-letter (one way email) to my camper?

Simply sign in and click on the Email button. Your camper’s name should appear. Type your message and hit the Send button.
Emails are printed every day (except Shabbat) at 3:00 pm. Any emails sent after 3:00 pm will be delivered to your camper the following day. All e-letters to campers are covered in the camp tuition.

How do I receive letters from my camper?

Campers can bring pre-addressed, stamped envelopes and stationary to write home letters. Your camper can also participate in the E-Letter program. eLetters offer an easy way for your child to send letters from camp back to parents. Each page of eLetter stationery has a unique, printed barcode. Send an “eLetter stack” with your camper before they leave home. Using this option, parents can print a stack of eLetter stationery (up to 20 individual pages at a time) within their CampInTouch account.

Here is how you can receive letters quickly from your camper! Make sure to check out the tips below:

1) Log into your CampInTouch account and click on “Email”.
2) Select your camper(s) and write an email. At the bottom, there will be a checkbox next to the following sentence “I would like a handwritten eLetter reply to this email.” If you check this box, a blank sheet with a barcode will print out after your email. Your camper will receive your email AND the reply sheet.
4) Your camper will have the ability to write back this way instead of snail mail. They will turn it in with the rest of their bunk’s mail. Once we receive it from the camper, it will be scanned into CampInTouch. The barcode will make sure it goes to the right parent account.
5) Your account will let you know when an e-letter is available.
6) In order to read the eLetter, you will need to purchase CampStamps.

CAMPSTAMPS & TIPS: Sending emails to your campers are covered in tuition. E-Letters will need CampStamps in order to be read.  CampStamps are credits parents/guests can use to facilitate and enhance communication with their camper(s). Parents/Guests can add CampStamps to their account by clicking the link at the top the Email page. CampStamps are offered in the following packages: 10 for $10, 15 for $14, 20 for $18, and 30 for $25. Unused CampStamps carry over between years, but are non refundable.

What do I do if I lost my username and password?

You can get it online by going to top of the CYJ homepage, click on Login and then click on the link “Retrieve/Set Password.” You will receive an email with your username and password within a few minutes. Don’t forget to check your SPAM/JUNK folder if your password is not emailed to you within a few minutes.

Can other relatives use these services?

Certainly. Once you have set up your account, you can invite other people to access these
services. Please note that the parent is the administrator of this section. If a guest has an issue with logging in, they will need to be in touch directly with the person who invited them.

Why do we use CampInTouch?

CampInTouch frees us up to do what we do best—take care of your kids!
The CampInTouch system sorts the messages for us to print out and distribute to campers. It also protects us from computer viruses and allows us to easily manage these emails. Each summer we receive over 700 emails and upload over 3,000 pictures.


Please call CampInTouch at 303.444.CAMP

A Typical Day at CYJ
7:30 am Hashkama (Wake-Up)
8:00 am Mifkad Boker (Flag Raising)
8:15 am Aruchat Boker (Breakfast)
9:00 am T’fillot (Prayers)
9:50 - 11:45 am Chugim (electives)
11:50 am Kibbud (Snack)
12:00 pm Nikayon (Cabin clean-up)
12:25 pm Chug Tzrif (Cabin activity)

1:10 pm Aruchat Tzohorayim (Lunch)
1:55 pm Menucha (Rest Hour)
2:50 pm Chugim (electives)
3:50 pm Kibbud (Snack)
4:00 pm Schiya Chofsit (Free Swim)
5:00 pm Showers/Chofesh (Free Time)

6:15 pm Aruchat Erev (Dinner)
7:00 pm Mifkad Erev (Flag Lowering)
7:30 pm Peulat Erev (Evening Activity)
9:15 pm Lailah Tov (Good Night) Ages 7-9
9:30 pm Lailah Tov (Good Night) Ages 10-12
9:45 pm Lailah Tov (Good Night) Ages 13-14

There are three ways of transportation for first and second session campers: bus, plane, and car. Please read carefully through the next two pages to pick the right option for you and your camper(s). We at CYJ Midwest are extremely proud of our diverse camper population. It is our goal to make it as easy as possible for campers from anywhere around the country to get to CYJ for a summer.

Those who come by plane or simply don’t want to schlep bags are welcome to ship their luggage to camp. We will accept baggage deliveries the week before each session.

two boys carry luggage at a camp. . .  BY PLANE
Campers traveling by airplane can fly to Chicago Midway Airport (MDW). Parents are responsible for booking their camper’s flight.

Opening Day: Flights should arrive at Chicago Midway Airport between 7:45 – 9 am.

Closing Day: Flights should depart from Chicago Midway Airport between 2 – 4 pm.

*Cincinnati and Pittsburgh families: CYJ will be in touch regarding chaperoned group flight options in the middle of February 2020.

A CYJ Midwest staff member will meet all flights. If your child is flying with a chaperoned flight, the staff member will meet the group at baggage claim. If your child is flying as an unaccompanied minor, a CYJ Midwest staff member will meet them at the gate. CYJ Midwest will provide you with the staff member’s name and phone number via email 24 hours before camp begins. All CYJ staff at the airport will be wearing a CYJ t-shirt.

  • Buses will transport campers to and from the airport on arrival and departure day.
  • In case of emergency, make sure that your child has the following camp telephone number and instruct him/her to call camp, 715.258.2288.
  • Each camper should bring an additional $25 for their return trip home. All money will be held in the camp safe until closing day.
  • Please pack kosher prepared nut-free snack(s) for the long hours of traveling. Additional snacks will be provided on the bus rides to and from camp.
  • Campers may bring cell phones and electronics for their flight, but they will be stored in the camp safe until closing day. All electronics will be charged before the camper’s flight as long as the camper has stored the charger in the safe.
  • Unaccompanied minor and baggage fees: Please make arrangements to pre-pay the round trip unaccompanied minor fee and baggage fee to the airline. If not, CYJ Midwest will charge the parent’s credit card to cover the fees.

. . .  BY CAR

Drop off for each session is from 1:00-1:30 pm on opening day. Drop off times are set, so all campers arrive at camp during the same period. We will ask all parents to leave at 1:30 pm, so we can promptly begin lunch as a camp community. Campers will unpack with their bunks after lunch.

You may pick up your child between 8-8:30 am on closing day. Late pickups will incur a $50 fee.

For directions to camp, please put this address in your GPS:

E989 Stratton Lake Rd, Waupaca, WI 54981

. . . BY BUS

Bus transportation is available from Chicago Midway Airport and the CYJ Midwest office (Northbrook, IL). The bus is included in the tuition for camp and is available for all sessions, including Noar Aleph, Noar Bet, and Taste of CYJ.

a boy runs through a tunnel of campers

Bus Schedule TO CAMP - All times are subject to change
Session Start Date Meeting Time Departure Time Arrival at Camp Meeting Place
June 21
July 19
9:00 am 9:30 am 1:30 pm Midway Airport Baggage Claim Door 4
June 21
July 1*
July 19
9:30 am 10:30 am 1:30 pm CYJ Midwest Office
60 Revere Dr., Suite 800
Northbrook, IL


New in 2020, we will be transporting luggage a few days before camp begins via truck.    By providing this highly encouraged service, you can focus on your child on departure day versus their heavy luggage. We will provide luggage tags so all bags are marked with each camper’s first and last name. The bags will be waiting for each child inside their cabin upon arrival to camp.

Session 1 & Taste of CYJ
Thursday, June 18 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Skokie Valley Agudath Jacob
8825 E Prairie Rd, Skokie, IL 60076
The truck will be parked in the back of the lot across the street

Friday, June 19 from 7:00am – 10:00am
Camp Young Judaea Midwest Headquarters
60 Revere Dr. Northbrook, IL. 60062
The truck will be parked in the east lot.  Please enter the 3rd parking lot entrance on the right (next to the retention pond)

*If you are a Noar Aleph family and would like to send your bags up on June 18-19, we are happy to keep your bags in storage and delivered to your child’s cabin.

Session 2 & Noar Bet
Thursday, July 16 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Skokie Valley Agudath Jacob
8825 E Prairie Rd, Skokie, IL 60076
The truck will be parked in the back of the lot across the street

Friday, July 17 from 7:00am – 10:00am
Camp Young Judaea Midwest Headquarters
60 Revere Dr. Northbrook, IL. 60062
The truck will be parked in the east lot.  Please enter the 3rd parking lot entrance on the right (next to the retention pond)


  • We encourage you to bring your bags to one of the luggage trucks if you are in the Chicago area.   This will allow departure day to run smoothly. If this is not an option, your child’s luggage can accompany campers on the bus. Campers are allowed to bring two pieces of luggage that will be placed in the storage area of the bus (i.e. two duffel bags). One small bag and a pillow that will fit in the overhead is allowed on the bus. Please do not send a hard trunk.
  • Please be at the designated bus stop 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure to check in.
  • At check-in, outstanding medical and other forms, and any owed balances must be turned in at the registration table.
  • Once a camper checks in, they will receive a name tag. A staff member will be at the entrance of the bus and will only allow campers with name tags to board.
  • No parents are permitted on the bus and campers are not allowed off the bus once they board.
  •  The campers will arrive at camp in time for lunch but please pack a dairy snack for the bus ride. The buses will not stop along the way. There are bathrooms on the bus.
Bus Schedule FROM CAMP
Session End Date Departure from Camp Arrival at Pick Up Pick Up Location
June 28
July 15
July 29
August 12
8:30 am 12:00 pm CYJ Midwest Office
60 Revere Dr., Suite 800
Northbrook, IL
July 15
August 12
8:30 am 12:30 pm Midway Airport Baggage Claim Door 4

*Start date for Noar Aleph.
If your child is attending Taste of CYJ or Noar Bet we offer a van service at the end of the session.
If you are interested in this service, please indicate this on your transportation form. Our office will email meeting times after travel confirmation.

Packing List & Tips

The following lists are based on careful thought and experience. Shelf space is limited, and extra clothing makes it difficult for the bunk to remain clean, organized, and uncluttered. Therefore, we ask that you abide by this list, making certain that ALL of your child’s clothing and belongings are labeled with your child’s full name. For international campers, we provide those items marked with as asterisk (*).

Have Questions?

Please call us at 224.235.4665

Or email

Technology Policy
At CYJ Midwest, we strive to provide all of our campers with a safe and fun-filled summer. Each summer we share amazing experiences that inspire, thrill, educate, and transform each camper. CYJ Midwest is proud to join the many high-quality not-for-profit camps in the country that believe the absence of cell phones and most electronics further enhances the growth and experience of each camper. Our policy prohibiting cell phones and most electronics also helps to maintain a safe atmosphere by eliminating safety issues that can be created by technology within the communal camp environment.


  • No cell phones or devices with screens (except specific music MP3 players) are allowed at camp. This policy applies to all campers.
  • Campers flying to camp many bring a cell phone or device, but it will be collected and stored in the camp safe when they arrive at camp.
The following devices are NOT allowed at camp:
Cell Phones
(regardless if they are active or not)
Smart Phones
(with or without a SIM card)
iPod and MP3 players with screens or capability to connect to internet iPads and tablets
Laptops and Netbooks Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers that connect to the internet*
Handheld Electronic Gaming Systems of any brand: Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, etc. Any device capable of connecting to a cellular or Wi-Fi network

*E-readers that connect to the internet are not allowed. We allow e-readers with pre-downloaded books. Any damage to the e-reader brought to camp is not our responsibility. We recommend sending kids with physical books to read, which also allows them to share and switch with others when they are done.

Any device that is not allowed will be immediately confiscated. CYJ Midwest will not be responsible for loss or damage to confiscated devices.

Every family who sends their campers to CYJ Midwest shares our commitment to providing an experience within which their children can grow, learn and develop positive self-esteem. We cannot stress enough the importance of your role in supporting the critical camp policy that reflects the best practices throughout the residential camping network.

Medical Information
Occasionally, campers become ill or injured at camp. When health care needs occur, our professionally staffed Health Center can meet most needs of our campers and staff. Emergency and hospital facilities are available in Waupaca.

Wisconsin State Requirements

The Wisconsin State Board of Health and the American Camping Association require that the Health Form is on file before your camper(s) arrives at camp. All campers must have an examination by a licensed physician before leaving for camp. All forms should be completed and returned to the camp office by May 1, 2020. CYJ Midwest is required by law to follow the Wisconsin State Board of Health regulations, which states that no child will be allowed into camp without this completed form. Each camper must have a physical within 12 months of the session. Please make your child’s doctor appointment early enough so that the medical forms are submitted to the camp office by May 8, 2020. Note: If you live in Illinois, you can use the State Medical Form for schools as your physician signed form.


All medical information is requested in our online forms, which can be accessed by clicking here. One form is the “Health History,” which includes your child’s immunization record. It must be typed in this section or the form will be incomplete. The second form is a paper form which must be downloaded and printed. Ask your child’s doctor to complete this form at the time of the physical. The form must be current and signed by you and your child’s physician. Please fax the form back (without a cover page) to the number indicated on the form. This form is child-specific with a barcode to ensure that it is automatically added to your child’s electronic record. Illinois campers can use the State Form used for schools as their physician signed form.


Please see the Policy Statement on Vaccinations below.

Daily Medication

Wisconsin State Law prohibits campers from keeping any medications and prescriptions (including over the counter items such as vitamins, analgesics or anti-histamines) in the bunk area. The health center keeps all medication, except for primary inhalers and Epi-Pens. Please do not send over the counter medications that your child does not take daily to camp as we will provide them to campers on an as needed basis. If there is something you wish us not to administer to your child, please indicate this on your medical form.


Inhalers and EpiPens are required to be carried by the camper at all times with a back up to be kept in the Health Center. Any inhaler or EpiPen brought to camp should be indicated and explained on the medical forms so that the medical staff is aware that the campers are in possession of these items.

Medical Fees

Charges for physician’s services, emergency room fees, and all medications will be billed directly to the camper’s parents or their health insurance carrier for any accidents, injuries or illnesses that may occur. Therefore, every camper must be covered by a health insurance policy while at camp and MUST provide a copy of the front and back of the health insurance card. CYJ also does not cover any expenses incurred as a result of pre-existing conditions.

Medication Holiday

Children may take certain medications during the year, which some physicians or psychiatrists may like to stop for a short period each year. The summer is a frequently chosen time because the child is not in school. Please be aware, however, that camp requires a high degree of attention, concentration, and stability. We, therefore, do not recommend any change in your child’s medication during camp. If your child takes any medications during the year that he/she will not be taking during the summer, it is important that we know about such a “medication holiday.” We welcome discussions about individual situations to make reasonable accommodations for your child.

Prescription Medication Policy

CYJ Midwest has partnered with a pharmacy service to ensure the safe distribution of medication during the summer. We require all campers who take a medication or vitamin on a DAILY basis to enroll with J Drugs. You can find the paperwork in the forms section of your CampInTouch account. This service ensures higher efficiency, lower risk of error, reduced waiting time for your campers and increased focus on their overall health.

We expect 100% participation from families with campers who take daily medication at camp. The only exception is if the pharmacy notifies us that they are unable to accept your insurance or fill a particular medication. There is no fee for this service with J Drugs when registered by the set date.  If registering after the set date there will be a late fee. Please help us by registering ASAP so that our nurses can receive your camper’s medication prior to their arrival and be ready for the first day.

Will it cost more than I usually pay for prescriptions?

If you submit your paperwork before the registration deadline, the cost should be the same to you as it would be at your regular pharmacy any other time of the year. After the registration deadline, you will be subject to late fees, but your prescription costs will stay the same.

How is my insurance billed? How am I billed for co-pays?

The pharmacy will bill your insurance company directly as prescriptions are filled. Any out of pocket costs (e.g. co-pays, deductibles, etc.) will be charged to your credit card.

Is JDrugs able to accept my insurance? What if the pharmacy does not accept my insurance?

The pharmacy is contracted with all major and most minor prescription carriers. Once you submit your registration they will renew the information and notify you if your pharmacy does not cover your plan. They are also happy to check and make sure your insurance is covered in advance.

Will my insurance company pay for my camper’s medications if I recently filled their prescriptions?

Typically they will. Often times the pharmacy will need to request a “vacation override” from your insurance company. They will contact you if they have any questions about your insurance.

Will non-prescription medication cost the same as my home pharmacy?

The pharmacy is very competitive and often times cheaper than chain pharmacies; however, we cannot guarantee that the price will be identical.

Registration Process

The registration, along with instructions, can be found in your CampInTouch account.  The form must be printed, filled out, and either emailed, faxed, or mailed back to J Drugs.

Non-Prescription Medication

If your child needs a non-prescription medication occasionally, the Health Center will have it in stock. If your child takes non-prescription medication such as vitamins or melatonin on a daily basis, the should also go through J Drugs.

Guidelines for Managing Severe Food Allergies

Food allergies can be life-threatening. Specifically, in a camp setting, there is a risk of accidental exposure to a food allergen. Our counselors, medical staff, parents, and campers must work together to minimize this risk.

Family’s Responsibilities

  • Notify us of your child’s allergies or suspected allergies in advance
  • Use our Health History form in CampInTouch to fully describe the allergy and reaction if exposure occurs
  • Educate and review with your child the self-management of his/her food allergy
  • Camper should know:
    • Safe and unsafe foods
    • Strategies for avoiding exposure to unsafe foods
    • How and when to ask adults whether certain foods are safe
    • Symptoms of allergic reaction
    • How and when to tell an adult about a possible allergic response
    • How to use epinephrine

Camper’s Responsibilities

  • Never trade food with other campers or staff
  • Never eat anything with unknown ingredients
  • Always ask an adult to check ingredients if they are unsure of the safety of a certain food
  • Be proactive in the management of mild reactions, such as seeking help if a reaction is suspected
  • Tell an adult if a reaction seems to be starting, even if there is no visible appearance of allergic response

CYJ’s Responsibilities

  • Be informed of the availability of emergency care
    • Know how to contact EMT/ambulance
  • Review the health records submitted by parent and physicians
  • Establish prevention protocols for camp
    • Make plans so that the camper with food allergies may safely participate in all activities
    • Be certain that all food service or kitchen personnel are aware of, and can identify the child with food allergies
    • Discuss meal plans with parents/campers and alternative plans if necessary
    • Plan how campers with food allergies will participate in meals (i.e., a camper with food allergies might go to the kitchen window to pick up a specially prepared meal which includes only foods which are safe for him/her)
  • Ensure all staff members who will be in contact with the camper know of the allergy, can recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction, and know what action to take if the reaction occurs
  • Ensure that appropriate personnel are familiar with the use of epinephrine, where medication is located, and the protocol
    • Arrange a training session before the start of camp. Train staff on the usage of epinephrine auto-injectors
    • Comply with local and state regulations regarding the administration of medication
  • If there are planned field trips or out of camp activities
    • Be certain any emergency medication and authorization accompany the camper and counselors
    • Be certain there is a way to contact emergency assistance
  • CYJ Midwest is a nut free facility
Policy Statement on Vaccinations
We embrace the Jewish imperative placing health and safety as the highest of priorities in our camp community. Decreasing vulnerability to vaccine-preventable illnesses is one fundamental strategy we employ to help sustain the health of our camp community. We want to ensure that everyone attending camp this summer meets the most recent vaccination recommendations set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Canadian Pediatric Society, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Routine vaccination of all campers is a vital public health issue in the residential environment of summer camp with round-the-clock communal living. Please check your child’s medical and vaccination records or consult your child’s physician to ensure that all of the required immunizations are up to date.

Policy Statement:

All campers who are in residence at camp are required to have age-appropriate vaccines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The current vaccine schedule is viewable here.

Meningitis shot:

It is nationally recommended that children age 11 and up get the meningitis shot. We believe that it is a good idea to consult your doctor if your child is around that age and has not yet received this shot.

Policy Exceptions:

Gardasil or Cervarix (HPV vaccine): Though recommended by the AAP and CDC, it is a relatively new vaccine for both young women and young men, and we are not in a position to mandate its use.

Extenuating Circumstances:

We recognize that individuals who have had a documented allergy or severe adverse reaction to a particular vaccine will not be able to receive further doses of that individual vaccine. Additionally, individuals with medical conditions such as congenital immunodeficiency or HIV, malignancies receiving chemotherapy, transplant patients, and persons receiving immunosuppressive drugs and chronic steroids, will not be able to receive certain vaccines. In these instances, a physician documenting the problem and exempting the child from further doses of that specific vaccine must be furnished to CYJ Midwest. If an individual or his/her family believes that a specific situation poses extenuating circumstances, and furnishes a letter from a medical doctor (MD) substantiating this contention, CYJ Midwest will review such situations on a case by case basis.

Mirpa'ah (Health Center) Procedures
We are fortunate to have modern diagnostic tools in our health center, such as community physician-directed protocols, which often let us evaluate and treat the campers for minor ailments without having to leave camp. For emergencies or illnesses which call for additional medical attention, the camper will be taken to the local doctor or Emergency Room.

The health center is designed to provide care for campers who require isolation, a respite from camp routine, or for those that require more frequent observation that can reasonably be provided by the cabin staff. As a general rule, anyone with a temperature over 100.4℉ should remain in the health center until they maintain a normal temperature for 24 hours without medication and any communicable disease can be reasonably ruled out.

If you need to speak with the medical staff, please feel free to call our camp office at 715.258.2288. Children may sometimes also need to see a local physician, dentist or orthodontist for further evaluation.

You will be contacted by the medical staff regarding your child’s health if:

    • The camper is confined to the Health Center overnight
    • The camper requires appointments with services or physicians outside camp
    • The camper requires a new prescription
    • The camper requires transportation off site for emergency treatment and/or medical evaluation due to injury.
General Information

ACA accredited logoCYJ Midwest is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association. Developed exclusively for the camping industry, this nationally recognized program focuses on program quality, health, and safety issues and requires us to review every facet of our operation. CYJ Midwest has voluntarily submitted to this independent appraisal done by camping experts and has earned this mark of distinction. You can learn more about the American Camp Association here.

B’nai Mitzvah Preparation

Tutoring for campers having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah within six months after camp can be provided, if requested in advance, by filling out the online form. We only guarantee two half-hour sessions with a qualified staff member during each session of camp. Please ensure your child brings their Bar/Bat Mitzvah materials to camp.


If your child’s birthday occurs during camp, you can be sure it will be a special day! All of camp will participate and your child will receive a birthday cake. We understand that this is a special day for your child, but due to our policy, we do not allow phone calls between parents and children on their birthdays. You can send a birthday package (please no food or expensive gifts).


Please send all bunk requests through our online form by May 1, 2020. You will be allowed two requests per camper. If more than one request is listed, make sure that the first camper listed is your child’s first choice. We cannot guarantee any bunk requests. CYJ does not take dis-requests for bunking. All requests are at the discretion of the Camp Director.

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment of any camper are never allowed and will not be tolerated. Children argue, tease, and do hurtful things to one another from time to time. Most feel empathy, guilt, remorse, compassion and then makeup and move on. A bully does not. The bully takes perverse pleasure in using his/her power to hurt their victim, often over time or even without cause. Bullying behavior includes rejection, name-calling, spreading rumors, threats, intimidation, and physical torment.

Our staff members participate in a training program during their orientation week. As part of this training, the staff will learn:

  • How to create a bully free atmosphere beginning with the first day of camp
  • To recognize different styles of bullying (direct, indirect, physical, verbal, social aggression, etc.)
  • To recognize warning signs of bullying
  • How to intervene quickly and effectively to keep all campers safe

Please encourage your child to tell an adult if they are being bullied or experiencing any other problems at camp. Any violation of the above policy will be addressed immediately by staff and, if not rectified, can result in the dismissal of the camper.

Canteen/Personal Items

There is no separate canteen fee. Parents should supply enough personal items to last the length of the stay, including stamps, stationery, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, batteries, etc.

Camper Release

Campers will only be released on closing day to a parent or legal guardian with identification. If someone other than the parent or legal guardian will be picking up your child(ren), you must notify the camp on the transportation form.

Coming & Going

We do not allow campers to come and go from camp on dates other than the designated start and end dates of sessions. We do, however, understand that camp occasionally overlaps with important family functions that can’t be missed.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Consider the importance of your child’s participation in the camp program before making plans to remove your child.
  • Contact our office in writing well before the summer to arrange the dates and times of pick up/arrival.
  • Camp is not responsible for providing or arranging any transportation to or from camp.
  • Doctor appointments, sporting events, and concerts are not valid reasons for a child to leave camp.
  • We do not allow any arrivals or departures during Shabbat.


A dental examination is advised before camp’s opening day. Please provide and note all necessary orthodontic care. An extra pair of glasses and/or contact lenses should be brought to camp (and should be left in the health center). Please attach lens prescription information with the health forms. Contact lens wearers should bring sufficient lens care supplies to last for the entire season. Charges for repairs to glasses or dental work will be billed directly to the parent(s)/guardian(s).


The American Camp Association policy and our philosophy do not allow our staff to accept tips. Our staff members are fine young people selected for their skills and integrity. They have been instructed, and have agreed, not to accept any gifts or monies from parents in accordance with ACA guidelines and professional ethics. You can, however, now make a voluntary Staff Gratuity Donation by contacting the camp office. Your donation will be utilized for staff programming.


Laundry is done twice a session (once for Noar Aleph and Bet campers). There is no charge for this service. Campers should bring sufficient clothing for at least 14 days. Please label everything as CYJ Midwest is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Lost & Found

CYJ Midwest cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged items. We ask that you do not send clothing or items of value with your camper and that you label everything. Please explain the importance of keeping track of one’s belongings to your camper. Our Lost & Found is available to campers throughout each session. If it does not have a full name on it, we are unable to return it.


CYJ Midwest covers all expenses once the camper gets to CYJ Midwest. If your child is flying, we suggest sending them with $25 each way, which will be kept in our camp safe upon arrival at camp. Camp is not responsible for any belonging not secured in our safe.

Property Damage

Parents are liable for any and all damage to the camp’s property by their child(ren) and will be billed for material and labor costs from damages incurred. If such an incident occurs, the minimum charge will be $100 for any intentional damage including, but not limited to, graffiti. In addition to the fee for graffiti, the camper will have to sand and paint the affected area. Please talk to your children about the destructiveness of graffiti and let them know the consequences if the rules are not followed.


CYJ Midwest takes the safety and security of our campers very seriously. All of our staff are well-versed in our safety and emergency procedures and know what to do in case of emergency situations. Throughout the summer, we hire off-duty police officers to patrol the campgrounds during the evening. They circle the camp along the road as well as walk through camp to ensure that everyone is safe and sound.

Visiting Camp

Camp is NOT open to visitors during the session. Please notify your camper’s relatives and friends that Camp does not allow any visitors. This policy is strictly enforced, and we make no exceptions. An overnight camp is a very special place, and it is important for your child’s sense of independence and self-reliance that they do not have parents dropping by. Visitors can be disruptive to the camp program and do pose a security risk. Children who have adjusted well to the camp setting could suffer from homesickness for days after a visit. Please respect our community, our campers, and our staff by allowing our program to run uninterrupted.

Missing Home

Many children miss home when they are at camp. You can help by writing often, being positive, supportive, and conveying a genuine feeling of happiness regarding your child’s stay at camp. Please encourage your child to stay at camp. It also helps to avoid using the word homesick because it gives the impression that the child might be sick.

Ninety-nine percent of missing home is gone by the third or fourth day of camp, but because the mail in Waupaca is slow, if your child is missing home, you might receive letters indicating this well into the second week of camp even though the feeling has passed. Look for up-to-date pictures of your child to see how they are doing or give us a call.

Here are a few suggestions for letter writing:

  • Write a letter to your child a week before camp so there will be a letter upon his or her arrival.
  • Make certain that the things you say will not contribute to missing home. For example, don’t mention special trips or how much your child’s pets miss him/her.

Our staff spend time during orientation training on how to cope with specific situations, including missing home. We deal with these situations by:

  • Training our staff to listen actively. This enables us to understand and solve the problems that the child is having. It also shows the child that there is someone who cares.
  • Teaching our staff to find out which activities the child enjoys and encouraging that child to participate in all activities.
  • Spending time every day with our staff discussing situations so that we are aware of all issues and can help a child overcome them.
  • Consulting parents-you know your child better than anyone. A member of our administrative team will be in touch with you if there is a case that we need help overcoming.

Relevant Family Issues

Communication of confidential family matters to Camp Young Judaea’s professional staff is imperative to ensure your child’s mental/physical health and safety. The following circumstances, regarding any camper, must be confidentially communicated to the CYJ director before the start of the camp session:

  • Treatment or diagnosis for ANY psychiatric, psychological, or on-going medical situation
  • Suspension of any medications for the summer
  • Hospitalization for any physical or emotional reason within the immediate 12 months before attending camp
  • Experience of any traumatic incident, such as parental separation, divorce, or death
  • Severe allergies

We encourage you to make us a full partner in planning your child’s summer by giving us all relevant and up-to-date information in order to ensure your child’s happy and successful camp experience.

Our Guiding Principles

Camp Young Judaea Midwest is a community where we take care of each other. We follow five guiding principles at camp that are discussed throughout the camp session:

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  2. Respect other people’s differences
  3. Help people who are in need and ask for help if you need it
  4. Use kind words when you speak to people or about them
  5. Be a role model for others
Code of Conduct
All campers are expected to familiarize themselves with our basic code of conduct before the beginning of their summer season. Please review the following material with your camper(s).

We expect campers to respect themselves and others, our camp and its facilities, our earth, and the environment. CYJ is committed to providing a safe camp environment where relationships are characterized by dignity, respect, and equal treatment. Any behavior in violation of the following policies may be cause for forfeiture of camp privileges, calls to camper’s home, and even immediate expulsion from Camp with no refund of camp fees:

  1. Campers must stay on the campgrounds at all times and participate fully in all scheduled programs and activities.
  2. Campers must comply with staff supervision at all times.
  3. All campers must follow established curfews.
  4. Campers must not bully or threaten other campers or staff.
  5. Physical or verbal abuse to others will not be tolerated.
  6. Boys may only be in cabins designated for boys; girls may only be in cabins designated for girls.
  7. Campers will be held responsible for willful damage to camp or private property including, but not limited to graffiti. Parents will be held responsible for any damage caused by their child.
  8. Alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products, matches, fireworks, and weapons of any kind have no place at camp and are forbidden.
  9. All bags are subject to search.
  10. To demonstrate respect for others and ourselves, only appropriate language is acceptable.
  11. Staff members may instruct campers to change their outfits if their clothing choices are deemed inappropriate for the camp atmosphere.

Please familiarize yourself with our guidelines and rules. There is a Camper Code of Conduct form to be filled out by the camper and signed by both the camper and their parent(s)/guardian (s) on your CampInTouch account.


How to Reach Us

Please send all official correspondence to the winter office address throughout the summer.
To reach the staff by phone during the summer, please call 715.258.2288 from June 1 until August 19. If you have questions regarding payments or forms, please call our Chicago office year round at 224.235.4665.

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