CYJM Wellness Fund

Camper Wellness Fund

In honor of Camp Young Judaea Midwest’s departing executive director, Robin Anderson, and thanks to the generosity of several camp families who provided initial support, we are thrilled to establish the CYJ Midwest Camper Wellness Fund.

Throughout her tenure at CYJ Midwest, Robin has devoted considerable energy to nurturing the mental, emotional, and social needs of campers. As Robin has often emphasized, when we say that CYJ Midwest is a family, we mean that we take care of each other, strengthening our campers’ minds and bodies, so they can thrive at camp and beyond.

To strengthen our tight-knit and inclusive community, we know it is important to think expansively about the wellness and health needs of all campers. This fund aims to provide our camp with the flexibility to meet our community’s mental, emotional, and social health needs each summer..

We hope you will join us in honoring Robin and her legacy of providing campers a place to feel safe and empowered to embrace their whole selves – mentally, emotionally, and socially.