Summer 2022 Information


We are planning to safely operate camp for Summer 2022. We continue to monitor COVID-19 developments as they emerge. The physical and emotional health and safety of our campers and staff remains our top priority.


We recognize that our world is significantly different today than in past summers, and we want to be open and honest with you about how we’re proceeding on the path towards a safe and successful summer in 2022. To view our working plan, click here.

All FAQs were updated 2/3/21 unless otherwise noted.

How does CYJ make healthy safety decisions?
We continue to consult with cohorts of medical professionals, including our own CYJ Midwest public health committee led by Dr. Deborah Zarnow, the Young Judaea camp professionals, Foundation for Jewish Camp and the American Camp Association. Our public health committee, made up of physicians, registered nurses and public health professionals from around the country, meet regularly throughout the off season as we establish protocols and procedures for summer 2022.

Does my child need to be quarantined before attending CYJ Midwest?
During the 10 days prior to camp, we ask that all household members do their best to take appropriate social distancing and preventative measures including, but not limited to:

  • Wearing a mask that covers both your mouth & nose when around others
  • Avoiding close contact with people outside the household
  • Utilizing curbside store/restaurant services only
  • Washing hands with soap and water frequently
  • Daily monitoring of health
What is your plan for COVID-19 testing?
Campers and staff should expect to have at least one (1) negative molecular PCR COVID test within 72 hours before arrival. Please note: our testing policy is based on the information we know today. Our testing protocol is subject to change.

All campers must have a negative PCR test in order to attend camp. It is imperative that a few days prior to the test and once taken that campers and families are overly cautious and practice social distancing until arrival at camp. YOU are our partners in risk mitigation. Upon arrival, all campers will have a temperature check, rapid Covid-19 test and symptom screening with a member of our health care team.

All campers and staff will receive 1-2 rapid COVID-19 tests per week within the first two weeks. We are researching ways to conduct testing onsite in an efficient manner, as well as having relationships with the local health department and their connection to additional testing sites. All campers and staff will have common symptom checks frequently throughout the summer.

How will campers get to and from camp?
CYJ Midwest is asking camp families to help us in being partners with our transportation options.

  1. Camp would like as many families as possible to drive their children to camp for the 2021 summer. This will allow the mitigation strategies that each family is following before camp to stay intact.
  2. If driving is a challenge for your family, CYJ will offer busing from our Northbrook, IL office. We are still planning out bus schedules and options. These could include buses by cohort or siblings sitting together with rows between families. Campers will be asked to be masked the entire camp ride.
  3. If a car or bus is not an option for your family, we are working on a more detailed plan for our flying campers. This would be a last resort and we are asking that families keep this option for our campers coming from a very far distance. We want all campers to experience camp.
What do cohorts look like?
Excellent question! The idea behind a COHORT is to allow smaller groups of kids to interact with each other in a more “normal” camp setting. This would include being inside their tzrifim (cabins), chugim (activities) and eating together during meal times. At the start of the session, a cohort may include 1-2 cabins. After 14 days, if no positive COVID cases are in camp, cohorts could expand to more cabins within a program (i.e an entire eidah).

During that first 14 day period, cohorts will be able to interact with each other as long as 2 of the following 3 mitigation strategies are met (the ⅔ rule).

  1. Outdoors
  2. Physically distant
  3. Wearing Masks

We are still continuing to learn what cohorts  look and feel like and are planning programming to make sure that campers are safe and healthy, as well as experiencing camp in the most normal and CYJ way possible.

Will my child have to wear a mask at camp?
In order to contain possible exposure and spread of COVID-19, we are requiring face masks that cover both the nose and mouth when campers and staff are in public non-outdoor areas except when there is only one cohort in that space. Masks will not be required when campers and staff are located inside their own cabins and when they are outdoors and more than six feet apart from any other cohort.