After Camp

Here are a few things to expect from your campers when they return:

  • Stories! So many stories about people you don’t know and words you might not have heard before, like tzofiyut (scouting) or Maccabia (color war!). A great way to learn more about camp is to sign on to your account and let your camper give you a tour through the photos we took all summer.
  • Medical checks! Our fantastic camp nurses have checked everyone, and if there is anything more severe than a mild viral issue, you’ll have already heard from us about it. A few days of love from you and a few nights in their beds should cure anything that ails them.
  • Responsibility! Your camper has spent the last 25 days learning to clean up after him/herself, set tables, solve problems and generally pitch in to get a job done. Give your child a chance to show off by stepping back a bit and letting them sort out their laundry, help get dinner on the table, and manage conflict with their siblings. We think you’ll be amazed at how much they’ve grown!
  • Sand, and maybe someone else’s sock. Much as we encourage the children to leave camp at camp, they seem to be determined to take a little of it home with them. As for each other’s belongings, well, we do our best to sort it out beforehand, but you may see a label that isn’t yours. Feel free to reach out to camp or directly to that parent – you’ll get a directory of all the campers this week!
  • Hugs! CYJ is a warm, family-feeling place and we talk a lot about how to show others your gratitude and appreciation. We hope you’ll see your child bring those lessons home in warm and wonderful ways.

Older boys standing in a line smiling

Boy in yellow kayak on lake

Oh No…What Do We Do Until Next Year?

We’ve got tons of ways for you to stay connected to CYJ all year long!

  • Now that the session’s ended, post your favorite camp pictures on Instagram, tweet all about how you miss CYJ, and tell everyone on Facebook about your awesome summer in Waupaca. Don’t forget to tag us so we can feel the love! We may even re-post some of your best contributions on our official accounts, (with our sources credited, of course!)
  • Spread the word about CYJ Midwest! If you know a kid who would love what Camp has to offer, tell us about them! Or, take it to the next level by hosting a Meetup for a whole community!
  • Invite all your friends to some CYJ get-togethers, like sleepovers or sports events!
  • Using a bullhorn, announce how many days left until the coming summer season from your rooftop every day at sunrise!
  • Give us some feedback! We’re always looking for ways to improve, so if you have any comments or critiques, be sure to share your thoughts!
  • Subscribe to all of our social media channels.  We post daily photos, video and more to our networks.  Click here to find out where we are ALL OVER THE WEB!