Typical Day Schedule

Below is a sample schedule at CYJ Midwest. On the first days, campers will have the opportunity to tour our chuggim (elective) options to learn more and meet the specialists. They will choose electives that they will participate in for 6-7 days. They will have a chance to select more for the second half of the session. Bunk activities allow campers to participate in camp activities that they might not ordinarily choose as electives.


Time Activity
7:30 AM Boker Tov (Wake Up)
8 AM Mifkad Boker (Flag Raising)
8:15 AM Aruchat Boker (Breakfast)
9 AM T’filot (Prayer Options)
9:30 AM Nikayon (Cabin Cleanup)
9:50-11:45 AM Chuggim (Electives)
11:50 AM Kibbud (Snack)


Time Activity
12:20 PM Chug Tzrif (Bunk Activity)

1:10 PM Aruchat Tzohorayim (Lunch)

1:50 PM Menucha (Rest Hour)
2:45 PM Chuggim (Electives)
3:45 PM Kibbud (Snack)
4 PM Schiya Chofshit (Free Swim)
5 PM Shower/Free Time
6 PM Nikayon (Camp Wide Clean Up)


Time Activity
6:15 PM Aruchat Erev (Dinner)
7 PM Mifkad Erev (Flag Lowering)
7:30 PM Peulat Erev (Evening Activity)
8:25 PM Rad Hayom (ending the day together)
8:30 PM Pe'ulat Laila Tov (Bedtime Program)
9:15-9:45 PM Lailah Tov (times based on ages)