Kadima (Counselors in Training)

Are you currently in 11th grade and interested in being a Jewish leader? The Kadima (Counselors in Training) Program at CYJ Midwest allows participants to enjoy a summer at camp while learning new skills to help you develop as Jewish leaders in and out of the camp environment and to leave a lasting impact on campers and staff alike.


Who is the Kadima program open to?

The Kadima program at CYJ Midwest is open to all current 11th graders, including those that did not attend CYJ Midwest as campers.

What are the dates of the Kadima program?

The first part of the program is June 20-July 14. After a discussion between the Leadership Development Manager, the Camp Life Director and the CIT, a certain group of CIT’s will continue on to live in bunk between July 18-August 12.

Where do I live on the program?

Between June 20-July 14, you will be placed in a bunk with your fellow Kadima CIT’s. Once you have been accepted for the second session (July 18-August 12), you will be in a bunk with campers working as CYJ Tzevet.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program is travel expenses to/from Chicago. We will provide transportation between camp and Chicago. Upon completion of the full program, participants will receive a stipend.

What does a daily schedule look like?

During the program every day looks a little different. Most days will include leadership training and professional development, assisting CYJ Tzevet to run Chuggim (electives), and hanging out with our campers! Throughout the summer there will also be opportunities to participate in your favorite camp activities!

What type of training and professional development do I receive?

Kadima CIT’s receive training in child development, communication skills, program planning, team building, public speaking, leadership skills, and more. In addition, your group of CIT’s will have opportunities to decide in what areas you receive training.

Do I get time off as a CIT?

Kadima CIT’s will receive time off daily in addition to times where all of the CITs will leave camp together (if possible). Second session you will receive time off along with counselors.

Do I get to have my phone as a CIT?

As a  Kadima CIT, you are allowed to use your phones during off times and evenings before going to bed. Lockers will be provided in which you will put your cell phone during times that you are working. Campers at CYJ are not permitted cell phones, and as a rule of thumb, we don’t use our phones while working with the campers.

Is there a curfew?

Yes, although you will be permitted to hang out in the evenings to relax, call home, talk to friends, etc., there is a nightly curfew to make sure you are rested and ready for the day ahead.

To learn more email or call 224.235.4665