Tribute to Brian

CYJ pays Tribute to Brian Jaffee.


Here, you can read the memory book, and make a donation in honor of Brian.


Brian Jaffee is a lifelong Young Judaean. Brian attended CYJ Midwest as a chanich (camper) in Ortonville and Nelsonville in the 1980’s and was a member of the tsevet (staff) in Waupaca in the 1990’s. Now a parent of two happy CYJ chanichot, Brian has been on the CYJ Midwest Board since 2014, wrapping up two terms as president this year. Brian credits his entire Young Judaea experience, and especially his time at CYJ Midwest, for helping to shape the person he is today, including his leadership skills and for the career and life choices he’s made. Most importantly, CYJ Midwest is where Brian met so many of the people who – to this day – remain important in his life.

Brian lives in Cincinnati, OH, with his wife, Rabbi Shena Jaffee and their two daughters, Maya and Noa. Brian is the Executive Director of the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, where he works with the board and professional staff to achieve a long-term vision for Cincinnati as a vibrant Jewish community and Jewish destination.

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Kochavim (Stars) **$18,000

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Solelim (Trailblazers) **$3,600

Arazim (Cedars) **$1,800

Tzofim (Scouts) **$1,000

Chaver (Friend) **Under $999

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