Mess Hall Preservation Fund


Dear Camp Waupaca Community,

I cannot tell you how much it means to me as a new camp director to have the support of this group for our beloved camp site. Each conversation I have had with Mike, Paul and others has helped me learn about the history of camp, and even more important, of our shared deep spiritual connection to this place. I want to work together to preserve the beauty of camp and also the buildings that have given this spot character for so many years and where each of us has and will build memories. Any help you can give to strengthen the Mess Hall structure will make this building usable again by our shared communities.




Think of all the events that took place in this building from 1951 to 1988:

Olympics medal ceremonies
Movie night
Rainy day activities
Singing the camp song!
Camp plays and talent nights
Blue & White War celebrations the last week of camp
The final banquet on the last night of camp
And who can forget assembling the yearbooks after the banquet!

Irving “Skipper” Kuklin and Manny Desnet had a dream and vision, and we welcome your help in keeping that dream alive for years to come! Any amount, big or small, is deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration and your commitment to this beautiful place.

Rabbi Hannah Wallick